Best Ai Tools For PDF Documents

Finding specific information in lengthy PDF files can be tiresome, whether for your studies or work. However, there is a solution that can simplify this process.

By utilizing AI tools specifically designed to answer questions from PDFs, you can save time and effort. These tools harness the power of GPT technology and function similarly to ChatGPT.

Simply upload the PDF, and they will extract relevant answers for you. To help you, we have compiled a list of the seven best PDF question-answering tools.

Chat PDF

ChatPDF is a tool that allows users to chat with their PDF documents conveniently. ChatPDF allows you to upload a PDF from your device or fetch it from a URL.

Additionally, it offers a search feature to find PDFs from the internet. Powered by GPT 3.5, ChatPDF supports multiple languages and can partially comprehend tabular data, although it cannot read images within PDFs.

One of the notable features of ChatPDF is its ability to save chat history, allowing users to review and export their conversations. Similar to AskYourPDF, ChatPDF enables document sharing through unique links.

However, it's important to note that the tool's responses may contain information not explicitly mentioned in the uploaded file, so it's advised to double-check any answers.

ChatPDF offers both free and paid plans. The free account imposes certain limitations, such as a maximum file size of 10 MB, a limit of 120 pages per document, and a cap of 50 questions per day. Furthermore, users are restricted to uploading only three papers.

Upgrading to the Plus plan, unlocks higher limits for file size, page count, and question quantity and allows for more document uploads.

Ask your PDF

AskYourPDF is an innovative tool powered by ChatGPT that revolutionizes extracting information from PDFs. With AskYourPDF, you can easily upload your PDF documents and receive relevant information in just a few minutes. Input any question related to the content of your PDF, and you'll receive a concise answer.

What sets AskYourPDF apart is its ability to use various prompting techniques, such as assuming the role of a teacher, to help you comprehend complex topics covered in your file. The best part is that this powerful tool is completely free to use.

AskYourPDF supports PDFs and allows you to upload other file types like PowerPoint presentations, text files, CSV files, and more. The file size limit supported by AskYourPDF is up to 40 MB. Additionally, you can export your chat as a PDF for future reference. Moreover, you can share a unique link that enables others to chat with your uploaded document, ensuring the privacy of your chat history.

Light PDF

LightPDF is a versatile online tool that offers numerous features for converting, protecting, and editing PDF files. Among its many capabilities is an AI-powered chatbot explicitly designed for reading PDF documents.

This chatbot answers your queries promptly and can generate summaries, outlines, and tables based on the uploaded PDF.

It also conveniently displays the page number from which the extracted information originated, allowing for easy verification. LightPDF goes beyond just working with PDFs and extends its support to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files.

However, it's worth noting that free usage of the tool is limited to PDFs with up to 200 pages or files in formats other than PDF. Upgrading to a paid plan is required for more extensive usage or non-PDF files.


Documind is an innovative search engine that offers advanced features for searching information within multiple PDFs. With Documind, users can conveniently upload individual or bulk PDF documents.
Once uploaded, users can navigate to the user-friendly dashboard to start asking questions. The powerful scanning capabilities of Documind allow it to efficiently scan through all the uploaded documents and provide accurate answers.

In addition to its search capabilities, Documind offers the unique ability to generate summaries of lengthy documents, making it easier for users to extract key information.
Another exciting feature of Documind is the option to upload PDFs to create a personalized chatbot that can be integrated into websites. This functionality allows businesses to utilize the chatbot as a customer support agent or for internal team collaboration.

File GPT

As the name suggests, FileGPT is a versatile search engine that provides answers from various types of files, not limited to just PDFs.
It can search through documents, webpages, audio files, and videos.
The paid versions of file FPT offer additional features such as support for handwritten text and unstructured PDFs. Like DocuMind, FileGPT allows users to ask questions from multiple files simultaneously.
Moreover, users can create chats with collections of files and ask questions directly from them. This feature enables researchers to search through multiple files at once efficiently.

One unique feature of FileGPT is the display of clickable references. Clicking on these references will show extracts from the original file, providing users quick access to relevant information. Additionally, users can open uploaded documents in a sidebar, which is similar to the split-screen feature of

FileGPT offers paid plans starting from $18 per month. By upgrading to the Growth or higher account, users can integrate the tool with their own websites, providing live AI chat support to their customers. Another advantage of the upgrade is access to powerful models like GPT-4 and GPT-3.5-turbo 16k, which offer enhanced capabilities compared to GPT-3.5.

It's worth noting that FileGPT provides users with 15 free credits, allowing them to experience the tool's capabilities firsthand.


ClarifyPDF, a file processing tool, allows you to upload file sizes up to 10 MB and extract information through questions and summaries. It specifically supports the English language.

What sets ClarifyPDF apart from other tools is its unique feature of clarifyPDF that enables users to share their chat messages and documents with friends using a custom link. Furthermore, ClarifyPDF ensures your chat history is stored permanently.

However, ClarifyPDF does not offer a free plan, and its paid plan might be considered expensive for frequent users. displays a clean and convenient interface. The tab is split into two columns, with one side showcasing your document and the other featuring the chatbot.
The dashboard provides access to uploaded documents and chat history.

Each answer from includes a source indicating the page number you can click on to navigate directly to that page.
You can also adjust the display and zoom settings to review the document independently.

The free account allows only one PDF upload for testing purposes, while the paid option removes all restrictions except for a maximum file size of 50 MB per PDF.

Additionally, offers a Chrome extension for PDFs. Despite its cost, is an excellent and user-friendly tool, handy if you prefer reviewing the document yourself rather than solely relying on AI.